In the district of Huye,

   A man was incarcerated because of the genocide.

his wife who was left alone with their children, still young, had

Many sentences to take care of them especially that the family usually lived in

hard life because poverty.

In the early days the woman went to see him in prison

But after a few years she had had enough and started not to go.

She developed an excessive rage against her husband.

After ten years in prison the husband was released

And he came back home.


The woman and her children did not want to welcome her,

When he asked for this or that service, neither the woman nor the children

No one wanted to listen and it was the fight at home. After the prison, the woman never shared the bed with her husband,

  She gave him her room and gave him food when she wanted because the husband did not give rations.


The man began to cook his side,

It was serious because all the neighbors knew

The quarrels and the battle of this couple.


When CAPACITAR arrived in this environment to form the group of couples who lived in conflict,

  He was also present at the invitation of the Vulnerable Support Coordinator.

  After training many couples gave testimonials that they no longer feel the anger

And underestimates it in an incomprehensible way.


During the visit of this group it is this couple which gave first its testimony.

The man confessed that they have continued to put into practice the lessons learned and that afterwards they have asked for forgiveness and that Now they share the same bed with his wife, eat together, peace and love reign in their household.

They do the field work together. Recourse to local authorities for conflicting reasons has ceased.

His wife and the other participants confirmed that.


The couple got up and kissed in front of everyone and thanked the trainers of

CAPACITAR for having Rebuilt their family.