Some feelings that dominate when they get pregnant


Were told they were pregnant:

(Here are their reactions)

  • It was the end of my life
  • Fear invaded me by saying that my father will kill me
  • The shame of myself and the fear of telling the parents
  • Deep pain and unexplainable injury
  • The shame of going back to school
  • The isolation and the shame of going to meet people
  • Desolation and crying
  • Silence and grief
  • Submission to the insults of my parents and my brothers
  • The refusal to eat with the family and I locked myself in my room
  • A suicide attempt
  • The anguish of being rejected
  • A single girl, my mother refused to feed me and locked me up in the room.
  • The flight because nobody was interested in me anymore, I was worthless
  • Lack of respect in the family, refusal of soap, ointment etc ...
  • Insomnia for 9 months
  • Childbirth alone without telling anyone


Impact of Capacitar


  • Say themselves that relations with their parents, their children and the neighbors have improved thanks to the knowledge received of Capacitar. They accepted their situation and conditions of social life.
  • Because of anger and resentment against their partners, some single-mothers transferred all conflicts to their children and refused to reveal the names of their fathers. They scolded and beat them for no good reason. But after training of Capacitar who helped them to express and manage their emotions, and through training on the right of the child and his psychological development,
  • These girls found love and affection for their children, they revealed to them the name of the father and made them registered with the official of the civil state.