During the beneficiaries' home visits,

A woman in the Huye district gave us her testimony to show the importance of Capacitar.

"I am HIV +, my husband is HIV - that is, we are a discordant couple and therefore

We are still fighting. Before Capacitar,


My husband kept blaming me that I have AIDS, that I am disappearing,

That I was whore before we got married and other provocative words.

When I tried to reply he beat me hard and it was repeated at least three times a week.

I felt very tired and I started to triple the amount of alcohol I was taking.

It was a locally made beer that was nicknamed Nyirantare.

I frequented the cabarets shamelessly and I returned then ready to fight until the end

And it was me who took the first step to provoke him.

All the neighbors knew me as an alcoholic.


Once I threw him a stool that rather broke the window without touching it.

That day it struck me very much but the next day and then I did the same. I did not do anything at home, the children were always hungry, had no school-feels and so they dropped out of school because their daddy did not give anything either.


One day, a neighbor who learned Capacitar (multiplier)

  Asked me to accompany her in training or counseling

Who have family problems.

In the first days I refused because I thought that our case is irreversible,

I was only waiting for the first one to kill the other between us.

  But since he insisted, I went and saw that it was good and effective.

  As I attended the sessions,

I knew how to manage my emotions using fingers, EFT (Emotional Release Technique)

Harmonization, visualization, respiration, etc.

Especially anger, sadness and the inferiority complex.


I remembered that I have children who must enjoy their future,

  So I started accepting myself as I am and leave my husband peacefully.

Little by little, I gave up alcohol and I asked my husband to reconcile us

And work together for the future of our family.


We stopped fighting and looked at the income-generating activities together.

Currently we have goats, and pigs that give us money.

The children have returned to school, we have repaired our house, bought chairs and underwent training on water hygiene.

  Currently the heads of cells have chosen me as adviser of living households

In conflicts and I do it successfully. "